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Range Security Services

At Range Security, we understand the importance of protecting your property and assets. We offer a wide range of security services including static guards, retail security, warehouse security, gate security and much more. Our fully uniformed guards are trained to identify potential threats and neutralize them before the situation escalates. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of security and peace of mind at very competitive prices.

Manned Security

Static Manned Security Guards

Manned security guards act as a highly visible deterrent, stopping crime before it even occurs. In this way, manned security guarding remains one of the most effective methods to protect your business’s premises, assets and personnel.

At Range Security, we offer manned security services with trained and experienced guards who are ready to protect your business premises, events, and other valuable assets. Static uniformed guards refer to guards who are placed in front of buildings or checkpoints and remain static while watching for any potential security threats. Our guards understand the importance of remaining vigilant and following all necessary procedures to ensure the safety of our clients in any given situation.  

Our security officers are experienced in manned guarding in a number of sectors—from construction sites, industrial, logistics and distribution, corporate, retail and public sector.

At Range Security, we advocate a bespoke approach to security services, meaning that our security guard hire  will be tailored specifically to the needs of your business. In turn, taking a proactive approach to deliver the best, cost-effective results.


Apart from the high standard of appearance, which is maintained throughout our company, our Static Security Officers are trained in all aspects of static patrol duties. Every Range Security Officer is Security Industry Association (S.I.A.) Licensed and trained with full certificates and all Range Security Personnel are fully vetted by our management team as stipulated by B.S.7499 and B.S.7858.

At Range Security we provide a comprehensive range of Manned Security Services, from one man guarding, to a multi-manned security team, Range Security strives to exceed our customer’s expectations. Whether Clients require plain clothes or high profile Uniformed Officers, Range Security offers you the choice to support your current in-house team or provide full Security Management for your facility. Management Planning and operating implementation of full service security assignments can be arranged with little or no disruption to your core business, incorporating Health & Safety responsibilities, Uniformed Officers, Access Control, Reception Security, Concierge, Gatehouse Personnel, or any Range of other tasks. We have the experience that ensures the smooth running and continued professional image for your Organization.

At Range Security, we believe effective and professional management is critical to a successful security contract. Our guarantee of providing an innovative, targeted security service is integral to every aspect of the business. Integration is the key to our success as we provide a full spectrum of bespoke Manned Security Services.

Our Static Security Officers are ideal for duties such as:-


1.     Building Sites, Leisure Centres, Exhibitions and shows etc. Where high profile

        Security is essential.

2.     Entrance and Exit control for high security buildings.

3.     Shops and Large Retail Outlets, Retail Parks, Shopping Malls and Precincts,

        Supermarkets and Hypermarkets etc.

4.     Factories, large houses and industrial premises, manning main entrances/exits,

        Control of vehicles and personnel.

5.     Docks, container bases and transport checks where strict control of vehicles and

        Personnel movement is required.

6.     Car Showrooms, Multi-story Car Parks and Commercial Premises where there is a

         risk of theft and vandalism to Vehicles, Property and Buildings.

7.     Schools and Colleges.

8.     Corporate Concierge services including Hotels, Restaurants etc.

9.     Banking, personal escort, where the risk of attack or violent assault is present.

Retail Security

Retail Security Guards/Officers

Range Security Retail Officers are of prime importance because they represent your company in the public eye and provide a valuable deterrent to would be thieves in your store(s). They are quite often the first and last person that members of the public see on entering and leaving your store, so it is absolutely vital that every Range Officer maintains a very high standard of appearance, which is expected throughout our company. 


Highly trained in retail security - and highly visible - our uniformed officers provide full security cover wherever it’s needed. Not just in identifying and observing known or potential shoplifters and vandals but also for cash escorts, staff searches and warehouse delivery checks. All Range Security personnel are fully conversant with the legally correct procedures for collecting evidence and making arrests.

Every Range Security Officer is Security Industry Association (S.I.A.) Licensed with full Front Line Certificates and all Range Security Personnel are fully vetted by our management team as stipulated by B.S.7499 and B.S.7858. Only those that produce excellent references are recruited. They all undertake an extensive training program and serve a 6 month probationary period, during which time they are closely scrutinized to ensure they meet our company’s high standards. Range Security Store Detectives are highly qualified personnel with a minimum of two years related experience in this profession or similar e.g. The Police Force.


Working in ‘plain clothes,’ our Store Detectives work invisibly alongside your own security teams, assisting in the crime detection and deterrence process. Like our uniformed officers they are also trained In all the legal aspects of making arrests and collecting evidence. If suspected wrongdoers are detained, our detectives help make sure that apprehension is conducted within the law, so that the suspect can be swiftly dealt with.


All Retail Security Officers are trained in dealing with items such as Patrolling to P.A.C.E (Police and Criminal Evidence Act) and Criminal Law, including Health and Safety (SIA approved training), Fire Safety, and First Aid.

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